Why BRITs talk about weather SO MUCH?

Sunset in Keele

Well, I think I have got the answer after living in London for one and a half month. Now I talk about it every 5 mins, literally. Before I came here, I use to believe that it is a mechanism that people use to hide their anti-social personalities. (Well British people are quite shy to be honest, in a lovely way.) But that’s not the case. At least not the only reason……

The weather here is really quite a big issue. It could be raining cats and dogs for 5 minutes (sometimes its elephants and bears I should say), and 5 minutes later, it just magically stops. As if nothing has happened. Then, it could be raining again…..again. The elfin of weather couldn’t make up her mind. Never.

In recent days, the sun goes away really early. The sky will start to get darker from about 3:30pm and get completely dark at around 4:30pm. Somedays when I had a relaxed morning with late brunch and some Youtube watching sessions, before I could realize, the day is already GONE! And I was still sitting in my pajamas and thinking about what to do for the day.

And now, just before I started this blog post, my roommate has already in bed. It’s only 8:30pm but we both feel like it’s midnight. Well it’s technically not our fault, since it’s been dark for more than four hours, right?  

London weather, INSANE.

That sums up for my day today,

see you in the next post tomorrow:) x

Yee See

Why BRITs talk about weather SO MUCH?

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