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Hello 2016 😉

I always love new years. This is the time when everybody feels encouraged and refreshed no matter how good or bad last year was. Every face on the street are filled with hope and wishes, every step is light and bouncy. Although from philosophy we all know that time is actually a lie, and years and months are actually created by people for the only purpose of making record (for agriculture maybe?)

Although from philosophy we all know that time is actually a lie, and years and months are actually created by people for the only purpose of making records (for agriculture maybe?). But let’s be honest, who need philosophy now?  Having a brand new start is always a delightful present of the New Year.

This year, I want to do something new….


About a week ago I bumped in this little book called ‘365 Days of Mindfulness’ in Oliver Bonas. In this book, there is a new mindfulness practice that helps you to enjoy the now and look into the neglected little moments in life (I know right? How cheesy!).

Some of the activities actually seem quite fun to do. For Example:

“If something stresses you today, visualise it in a balloon, floating out of the window and into the clouds. Let it go.”

“While doing housework, focus on what you are physically doing, Rather than rush through it as a ‘chore’, view it as a positive and loving commitment to your home completed with thorough care.”

These daily activities seem quite intriguing to me. It’s like a Yoga for my busy and chaotic mind every single day that almost doesn’t take any extra effort and time (I heard someone call me lazy after I typed this. Oh well…)

And I decided to write about my daily practice here and share with people. It’s actually something that I have been wanted to do for a long time. Not a lot of people write about the so-called negative side of our natural human emotion. And you know what, I actually have a lot of them! For the longest period of time I was really ashamed of myself when I feel down, depressed, lazy and don’t want to step out of my room and meet others. But it will just become worse and worse. Gradually I realized that feeling ashamed won’t help at all. And actually, the binary of positive and negative feeling is a totally fraud of modern world. There should be no cultural and moral association linked to every kind of natural human emotion. All of them are real, normal and neutral.  What we should do is just watch them with great honesty, accept them as they are, and try to communicate with it constantly. Ignoring or morally judging your emotion should be ended, from this moment.

That’s also why I started this blog. I want to share my struggle and how I deal with them, whether it works or not. I want to show people with the same struggle that it’s not shameful and you are not the only one. Actually I have always believed that people who struggle with their feelings are more interesting, spiritual and arty. I clearly believed that it’s from some psychological research. So, don’t argue with science, people! 

Every day I will post my experience of doing the mindfulness practice, as well as the practice for the next day. Everyone is invited to join me in this journey! We can share our little moments in life every day. I’m excited.

So, Let’s start!

Jan. 1st: New Year’s Day: Start a journal for this year in which you note down feelings, events and important conversations. It can sometimes help to make sense of things.

Emm….seems like I have already done by writing this post.

Sneaky face.

See you in next post. Xx.

Yee See

365 Days of Mindfulness Practice | Yee See Life

2 thoughts on “365 Days of Mindfulness Practice | Yee See Life

  1. Karen Duggan says:

    I bought a Mindfulness journal just before Christmas to start this year….. I’m completely new to this and finding it really difficult to put pen to paper. I have a lot of negative feelings right now….. How do I get started?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Karen! First of all, thank you for your comment! This is the first comment that my little blog has received. I can totally related to you since getting started is usually the hardest part for me. I don’t really know what kind of mindfulness journal that you are using. But from my past experiences (a.k.a. the last two days), I find writing a reflection helps a lot. Just simply note down what has happened in the past day or week, how do you feel about them. Or even, just noted down the tiny little thing that makes you feel happy for maybe even a second. Yesterday one of my old friend from uni send me a message saying that she has been thinking of me a lot. That really warms me since I have been missing her a lot and have been writing about her a lot. And about the negative feelings you’ve mentioned, well I sure have a ton of them needless to say, but what helps me a lot is trying not to put a “negative” or “positive” label on all your feelings. There are actually no such thing. Feelings are feelings, they are neutral and shouldn’t have any cultural or moral judgements attached to it. (That’s one of the main message I want to spread when I started this blog.) When I believe I have a negative feeling, I started to feel ashamed of it and trying to get rid of it anxiously. But that just ended up making me even more frustrated. So the first step for me is to just accept it and watch how it happens.


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