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First of all, Thanks for everybody who commented on my post yesterday. I never thought of getting noticed in such a short time. Some of you even shared your own experience of mindfulness practice and writing. I appreciate all your lovely words so much. Now I can understand why people always call it “the blog community”. So far I’m very glad I decided to do this.

Today’s mindfulness practice is to sort out the wardrobe. Actually, I have already been doing something for my wardrobe since October. The Capsule Wardrobe. This has changed the fate of my always exploding wardrobe. The magic of this project is, you own a lot less of pieces but they will make endless outfit options that look fab on you…

What you need to do is:

  1. Pick a number — decide how many pieces you want in your wardrobe. Normally this number should around 35 from my past experience. (For Capsule Wardrobe newbies, this is the number that I suggest you to start with.)
  2. Divide them into categories that you would normally wear — Such as Tops, Pants, Skirts, Dresses, Footwears, Outwears, etc. Accessories, underwear and sportswear are not included within the number you’ve picked. Distribute the number you’ve picked into categories. This depends on your fashion habits. For me, for example, I wear dresses every single day in summer and wear jeans and sweater exclusively in Winter.
  3. Look at what you have — In this step, take everything, (I mean EVERYTHING) out from your wardrobe, and examine the pieces one by one. Pick them up and feel them in your hand — “Does it spark joy?” This is the trick I’ve learned from reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. You only leave what sparks joy in your wardrobe and get rid of other ones. Let’s face it. We all have a big pile of clothes that we no longer wear but could never get rid of. We always hope there would be one day that we will rediscover it and like it again. Well, let me be the bad person and tell you: that day would never come! In the Magic book, the author suggests that if we are only surrounded by objects that spark joy, woah, can you imagine how happy we will be? Well, of course this would be the ideal case. What I am trying to say is, we have to be brave and make the decision to get rid of those clothes piling up at the very bottom of the wardrobe. Remember, we only have 35 choices! Every single piece you want to include should be what you absolutely love and would feel good to wear again and again in the coming season.
  4. Now, Get Inspired. Browse the Pinterest, ASOS or whatever website you find inspiring. Find your style. It could be adjectives like “effortless”, “simple”, “chic”, “modern”, or it could be a style muse you’ve been dreaming about stealing her entire wardrobe. (FYI, for me is Alexa Chung… Keep a close eye on your Wardrobe Alexa…). Now you can have a clear idea of what is missing from your wardrobe. Make a clear and detailed plan of your wardrobe. Here, try to find pieces that enable you to mix and match with all your other clothes and have endless variety.
  5. This is the best part: Go shopping. Since we have less in quantity, we can now allow ourselves to go higher in quality. Get something you’ve been always wanted but a little bit over your budget. Trust me, if you can follow the rules of this project, you will end with better quality clothes but spend a lot less.
  6. Re-do this every 3 months. Between two capsules, NO SHOPPING. NO!! I might sound harsh but if you’ve really planned and designed well, you wouldn’t even want to!

I’ve been doing this for the past season and I’ve been loving it! Life is a lot easier when I don’t need to fight again my desire of going to Covert Garden EVERY SINGLE DAY. Literally, my school is 10 minutes walk from there.

That’s my sharing for today’s project! Hope you’ve enjoyed yours 🙂

So our next task is here:

Jan. 3rd: An affirmation is a quiet reminder repeated to yourself as you go about your day; let today’s affirmation be ‘relax’.

Hope to hear about your day! Comment and let’s chat 😉

Love, Yee See.

3/365 Mindfulness Practices | Yee See Life

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